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Tweet Is e-mail marketing still a good platform to reach out to your customers or do they get completely ignored? What is the biggest benefit email brings to marketers? What’s the most important ingredient in good email outreach? These are the questions I recently asked Joe Colopy, CEO of email marketing firm Bronto, and he […]


Tweet This is a guest post by Chuck Hemann. What do you think when you hear the word “measurement?” What about “evaluation?” If you are planning to roll your eyes or let out a heavy sigh don’t. While measurement and evaluation are concepts that don’t always come naturally to public relations professionals, knowing how to […]


Tweet We’re one quarter into 2009 and it seems like the only certainty we will have this year is uncertainty. Marketing has often been one of the first budgets trimmed in this tough economy and marketers have not been immune to pink slips and severance pay. That said, the economy is not the only challenge […]


Tweet Predictions are always dangerous. People way ahead of the curve throw jabs about how such and such changed a long time ago. People way behind the curve yell “hypocrisy!” Of course, you always stand to be wrong at the end of the year. But why should that stop us? These predictions are for the […]