2 Advertising Tools PR Pros Should Have

January 4, 2010 · 7 comments

toolsIf a brand invests in advertising, there are two tools of the advertising trade that its PR pros should have at their disposal.

1. Media Buying Plans. They go by a few names – media plans, media flow charts, media buys. These outline where and when advertising for your brand will show up in the marketplace. This is helpful for a couple of reasons.

First, check to make sure the media outlets on the media buying plan are part of your targets in your media relations plans. Advertising dollars are spent on outlets that most effectively reach your brand’s key consumers. If the outlet is valuable enough to advertise in, chances are good you should develop a targeted pitch for it, as well.

Second, if it’s a long-lead print publication and you’ve been working with a reporter on a story, let the media buying team know about it. They can work with their ad sales rep for the publication to try to get your brand’s ad positioned adjacent to the positive story.

2. The Creative Brief. Creative briefs are what the advertising account team use to brief creative teams on a new campaign. Once it’s been approved, it should be in your hands, too. They contain interesting insights that you may be able to use in your upcoming efforts, like current consumer mindsets and behaviors, the desired behavior you’re hoping to achieve, and other insights.

Also, they’ll give you a heads up on what advertising messages will be in the marketplace in the short-term. Where appropriate, knowing these insights can help you shape your key messages, as well as the efforts you plan to deliver them. Creating more consistent messaging is a good thing for brands.

Do you see any other ways these tools can be helpful. Have you found other things helpful when working across integrated teams?

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