Hustle Has a Price Tag

October 22, 2009 · 10 comments

sunrise-2The difference between success and less-than-stellar results can sometimes be a thin line. Sure, lots of things need to be in place to help ensure success – measurable goals, sound strategies, creative tactics. But why do some efforts that have this foundation still not measure up like others?

That thin dividing line? It’s called hustle.

Two different people with the same amount of smarts can take the same communications plan and derive very different results. That’s because exceeding your goals doesn’t always mean doing things that no one else can do. It often means doing the things that anyone can do, but doesn’t. That’s where hustle wins the day.

But hustle isn’t easy. It means moving faster, thinking harder, never quitting. It means you don’t see problems to complain about, but instead see opportunities to excel.

I spent all day yesterday on a long flight across the country. The young woman sitting next to me could have spent the entire five hours reading People magazine and napping. While she spent a little time doing both of those, she also took an hour or so to dig through email – sorting old emails, organizing her inbox and filling her outbox so replies would be ready to go when she landed and reconnected to the World Wide Web. That’s hustle.

Hustle has a price tag. But it also has rewards.

What helps you hustle? How do you channel that energy to excel?

*Image by Rick Harrison.

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