What’s Your Stance on Social Media Gray Areas?

August 3, 2009 · 14 comments

Shades of GrayThere are quite a few social media tactics that are shaded gray. For people who hold a strong stance either way, said tactics may seem more black and white, but the truth is that intelligent people have differing points of view on them.

Because of that, I strongly recommend that agencies and companies develop official stances on tactics that leadership feels are important enough – or “controversial” enough – to weigh in on and guide team members.

For example, ghostwriting social media content for executives and clients continues to be a hot topic. (Here’s my take on it, for anyone who’s interested) Some people think it’s a crime. Some think it’s perfectly acceptable. Some think it varies based on how involved the client or executive is in approving the content.

If your agency has various teams across various offices executing social media strategies, chances are good that the people leading those teams may have differing views on ghostwriting. Each team’s efforts affect your overall agency’s reputation – positively, neutrally or negatively. If you have a particular view on [insert tactic here], then it would be great for the rest of the agency to know that and plan efforts with that in mind.

The same can be said for companies. Many times, marketing works with an advertising agency, while corporate communications works with a separate PR agency. Those two agencies – and all the clients involved on the company’s side – may have different stances on the acceptability of a certain tactic, but what one group does sheds light in the online world on the entire organization – whether good, bad or ugly.

Tackling these issues collaboratively and proactively can lessen the chance your agency or brand may become the buzz of the online world for all the wrong reasons, at least not without first thoughtfully deciding how you’ll approach these touchy tactics.

Have you brought this up with your colleagues? What are some of the gray areas in social media tactics that you think companies should thoughtfully pursue guidelines on for team members?

*Image by Diogo Valerio.

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