superboyWe’re looking for a ridiculously talented, super smart marketing communications pro to join the Mullen team. Even more specifically, to join my team at Mullen. Are you ridiculously talented? Super smart? Awesome! Then I have a few questions for you:

Would you want to work at an agency that was ranked #3 on Ad Age’s “Agency A-List” and named to Fast Company’s “Top 50 Innovative Companies.”

Have you helped plan and execute integrated communications plans across a range of mediums, including print, radio, direct mail and digital?

Do you have 5-8 years of experience, at least some of which was spent at an agency?

Are you a creative problem solver and eternal optimist?

Can you lead a cross-functional team of creatives, digital strategists, media planners, pr and social influence experts and analytics gurus to help drive our agency’s work on behalf of a client?

Still with me? Great! If you’re interested in sharing your resume with us for this Account Supervisor position, you can do so by clicking the link below. Otherwise, I hope you’ll consider passing this post along to someone you know who is looking for a great opportunity or sharing it with your Twitter and Facebook peeps.

Click here to learn more and submit your resume.


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mullen_rgbMullen is looking for three great PR pros to join our PR and Social Marketing team in our North Carolina office.

Do you have ridiculous talents?  Do you deliver above expectations? Do you like working with great brands? Do people like to work with you because you’re a team player and you’re relatively nice to be around? Do you like being asked lots of questions that begin with “do you?”

Then check out the job descriptions by clicking on the links below. If you submit your resume, mention that you heard about the opening from David Mullen. And even if you aren’t interested in the job, please consider sharing this post with your peers – both offline and online. Lots of great people are looking for a great opportunity!

In case you’re wondering, I absolutely love working at Mullen. This agency rocks! And, no, I don’t own the place. (I’m not being presumptuous. A lot of people ask.)

What are you waiting for? Either send in that resume or pass this post along to someone who might be interested!


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Hustle Has a Price Tag


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